American Heli-Arc has been a leader in the welding industry since 1983. We are primarily focused on precision TIG welding and specialize high alloy materials. Our certified welders strive to maintain the highest standards to meet the needs of each individual customer. Whether you have a small personal project or a large scale production, we offer a wide range of custom welding services to take your project from design to completion.

Maintenance Repair

Everything from machine shops to boats to the occasional broken office chair, we can repair just about anything. No job is too big or to small! We enjoy working with several machine shops and are certified to build up areas that have been undercut to re machine instead of scrapping a part. Our shop also sees many applications in the auto and marine industry, repairing broken engine blocks, mounting tabs, exhaust, etc. If it's weldable, we can fix it!

Weld Engeneering

Let American Heli-Arc assist you in putting together the best product possible. We work closely with our customers not only through the welding process, but designing a part that will look and perform the way you want. We pride ourselves in using our welding and metallurgy expertise to help our customers with the development of their products.

Everything Under the Sun!

We have been in Houston, TX for over 30 years and we have see everything from the industrial to the incredibly weird. We have done work with different artists around the country to build metal sculptures. Early on our business worked extensively in the custom motorcycle and hot rod industry. We have done work on bicycles, trophies, custom art, gas tanks, signs, furniture, weather vanes, and even recently built two "Texas shaped" funnel cake molds for a local water park. Anything you can think up, we can make a reality!